What Does SEO Report Entail?

SEO Score
Get quick insights into your site's health. Great, good, or okay.
Site Speed Check
Check if your website is quick or slow? Get advice for improvement.
URL Optimization
Format, length, and optimization; know if URL optimization is working.
Meta Tag Analysis
Don't lose out on the traffic just because of a missing mark. Get our SEO audit feature to help your site grow more.
Content Analysis
Content is, was, and will always remain the decisive factor. We will check if your site has the content it needs to rank.
Image Optimization
This simple part is of great significance. Assess if alt-tags, filenames are done well.
Mobile Friendly
Not having a mobile-friendly site is a sin when it comes to first-page ranking. The SEO audit report will find out if it needs any attention.
Site Safety
Safe sites get more trust. So, the site's security check is something our SEO audit report looks at, too.


Webplause technology offers different SEO packages as per the requirements. SEO comprises of various elements such as onsite and off-site optimization. SEO should be implemented in synchronisation of these various elements altogether, then only you can have fast and long lasting results.

Yes, we can help you to manage both Google ads and SEO campaigns as it will provide you best results and also help you to save costs.

We need the website access details for on-site optimization such as FTP, C- Panel and admin details. We can understand the sensitivity of these details & therefore we ensure that they remain confidential. If in case you are not comfortable for sharing these details, we can share the technical onsite sheet with you/your webmaster who can implement all the technical onsite changes. But, this may consumes time and can be inconvenient, so we always suggest to share the details.

Content serves as a solid search engine rating signal. It also demonstrates an improved user interface as it allows them to locate appropriate sites for their search demand. Our SEO offerings provide a detailed content review with title tags, meta definition, content disparity, heading tags, etc.

Once you subscribe us for the SEO services, we will assist you with the keywords suggestion list from which you can finalize the keywords. You can modify the keywords as per your choice also. If you have your own set of keywords, we can also work on them.

Yes, we can customise the SEO plan as per your requirement. Our digital marketing consultants can assist you in it.

Yes, you can upgrade your SEO plan anytime. You can have value addition services as well as complete upgradation to comprehensive package. Just inform Webplause technology consultant about it.
Comparison With Competitors

You will provide us with a few competing websites as part of your free SEO Audit. When comparing your domain, you can see how your site fits your nearest competitors and areas of progress.

Page Analysis

We analyze your web pages during the SEO audit to check for any flaws and disparity compared to your rivals.

We Research and Resolve

The success of search results relies on the exploration, studying, and review of web content. If this material is in some way degraded, organic quality may be dramatically affected.

Detailing Hurdles

If the hurdles are there, we outline the challenges and provide customized services to remove the barriers, based on the knowledge we have about the platform, CMS, and server.


We prioritize the sequence in which we will address these challenges by presenting the degree of effect any obstruction has on organic success and the effort each one needs.

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