We Don't Just Create A Brand!

If your brand were a person, what would it say, and how would it say it? What would I do? At Webplause, we create and develop dependable brands with personality.

Head Full Of Creativity

We enjoy finding alternative solutions to impact your clients. We are a creative team with a head full of fresh ideas to offer you.

We Build Your Brand Over Time And In Each Medium

Doing things right takes time. Creating solid branding involves following a rigorous process. Through creativity, we build a unique and coherent discourse for each brand.

How Do We Design Your Corporate Identity?

Identifying Needs

At Webplause, we are specialists in corporate visual design. We study and analyze your company's needs from different angles (commercial, marketing, design, etc.), and we create the concept that summarizes and defines your corporate identity.


We devise and create strong and differentiating brands. We design the logo, develop its visual identity, and an extensive user manual with all the applications you need.


We offer you seriousness and professionalism, illusion, creativity, and trend. We are backed by years of experience in the design and advertising sector.

Different Approach

We assure you of an original and different approach to your corporate identity. Our design team guarantees you an image that respects and enhances the values and philosophy of your company.

What Does Our Corporate Branding Services Include?
Brand Audit
  • The audit's objective is to measure the brand equity of a brand in its market (values, competitors, trends, and group or tier groups) and what positive and negative impacts it has had on the way in the past years.
Brand Strategy
  • We prepare the brand strategy and plan for both existing and new brands and are based on communication and innovation guidelines for positioning a product or service in a market.
Naming And Nomenclature
  • The studies, explore, and create names for corporate or commercial brands and their respective nomenclatures to design terms for the product family and coherence in the naming of their services.
Logo Design
  • The logo is an essential aspect of the development of branding. We design logos, image types, isologous, and isotypes from a technical and strategic perspective, always thinking about the universe of its different applications, positioning, and refreshing.
Packaging And Labeling
  • At Webplause, we like to "think of the forest every time they ask us for a tree" each packaging or label that we design is designed to position a product within a specific segment, as well as to attract glances from the click or the shelf.
Point Of Sale
  • We create strategic communication pieces within the point of sale (FMOT) both from the corporate point of view of the brand and following your customers' preferences and the type of Retail.
A Coherent And Striking Corporate Identity

At the Webplause agency, we want to offer you all the elements to improve your positioning in the market and a unique, reliable, and lasting corporate identity. To achieve this, the lines of work that we follow are:

  • Soak up your company philosophy
  • Build a substantial and differential corporate personality
  • Improve brand image through avant-garde and trend design
  • Improve and optimize marketing investments
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