Choose Your Goal

Personal reputation

We post appropriate content in the form of images or some other media.

Web reputation

We influence reviews, product comments, or external forums.

Brand reputation

We control everything that users can find out about your brand.

Our Full-Proof Reputation Strategies
  • We analyze the current situation to offer a budget adapted to the actions and measures that need to be implemented in the strategy. It is a significant and essential part of knowing how to act.
Content Marketing
  • We generate valuable content in favor of the company or person who hires our service to distribute them among various platforms or the sources developed for the reputation strategy.
Brand URL
  • This phase of the strategy consists of generating content that grabs the first position of Google by creating brand profiles on social networks or by creating websites.
Social Action
  • We act on social media to get the negative content removed. If this is not possible, we generate content that pushes down the negative comments out of the sight of people seeking information about our client.
  • We get in touch with high-quality media either to proceed with the replacement of content or generate new ones in favor of the client. It is a progressive strategy.
  • In the domains for which we have access, we use a specific method to make Google understand that content is more relevant, thus increasing the positioning of said URLs or domains.
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